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Tumblr Parody of When Will My Life Begin!

Special thanks to ashestoashesjc, who gave me the idea and wrote most of the first verse!


7 am, the usual morning line up

Log onto tumblr and scroll through the dash all day

Post, reblog, and like

Follow back and fangirl

Scroll again and by then

It’s… 11:15?!

I’ll post a photoset

Or maybe two or three

Add commentary here

And then change up my theme

I’ll search the Sherlock tag

Don’t bash my OTP

And wonder when did my real life end?

Then after school its fanfic and ship debating

Don’t tag your hate; just stop or I’m gonna scream

Crying and asks and texts posts and yummy baking

Then I’ll reblog, like your sketch, Loki’s perf, TARDIS DRESS!

And I’ll reblog that post

If I have time to spare

I’ll draw some more fanart

My pencil’s here somewhere

And then I’ll gag over

The hipster posts of hair

Stuck in school with all of these peasants

And I’ll keep wonderin’

And wonderin’

And wonderin’

And wonderin’

When did my real life end?

Tomorrow night

The spoilers will appear

Just like they do

For each series premiere.

But I can’t watch

Don’t have BBC

Maybe if I’m lucky

I can find a decent stream….

UPDATE: Okay, so this has gotten like 500 notes, which is mind-blowing and wonderful and also very embarrassing, so thank you all! I love you!

For those of you asking for a download, here is the one I uploaded on my YouTube channel, so you can rip the audio from that! You totally have my permission!

If you want to subscribe while you’re there, I won’t complain!!! ;D

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